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January 23, 2022
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Public works compliance means enforcing the rules and regulations that apply to publicly funded construction projects.




The Public Works Compliance web site covers a wide range of topics in public construction contracting, including the rules governing competitive bidding, bid protests and the payment of prevailing wages. 


The web site assists individuals and organizations seeking to understand the laws that apply to public works construction.  It examines the roles of government officials who prepare contracts, screen potential bidders, undertake prevailing wage surveys and establish prevailing wage determinations.  And most importantly, the Public Works Compliance web site explains how to identify and challenge situations where the laws have not been followed.


Government Web Sites: The authors have sifted through thousands of government-sponsored web pages to provide links to those that offer the best information to support public works compliance work. 


Laws and Regulations: This web site links directly to the laws and regulations governing public construction contracting and prevailing wages.


Administrative Decisions: The web site does not provide a comprehensive review of all relevant administrative decisions.  Instead it summarizes and provides direct links to administrative decisions posted on free government web sites.  The authors have selected administrative decisions that offer the clearest discussions of key legal principles in public contracting.


Court Case Digests: The web site does not provide a comprehensive review of all relevant cases.  Instead it summarizes and provides links through the free services of Findlaw to cases that outline key legal principles in public contracting.      


Prevailing Wages: The web site offers links to Davis Bacon and California prevailing wage determinations and gives instructions for determining which rates apply to a particular project.


Checklists and Summaries: The web site offers checklists and summaries that simplify and explain the subject matter.


Future Expansion: The web site is designed to allow regular updating and continual development of its content.





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